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The Best Way To Protect Your Home From Termites In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

April 15, 2022 - Termites

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Living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can have homeowners dealing with an array of weather conditions and, with it, all kinds of pests. However, this is one pest that can stick with you all year long, and that is termites. Finding a Dallas-Fort Worth pest control company is the best way to get rid of termites, hands down. 

Termites can be found all over, and they can be tough to deal with. Suppose you find one in your Dallas-Fort Worth home. In that case, you can bet there are more if not a full colony already eating away at your walls, which is why termite identification and extermination is nothing to put off when you suspect an infestation.

Clear Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Home

Termite identification is important because you can better combat the problem when you know what you’re dealing with. In some cases, carpenter ants can present as a termite infestation, but they have different handling methods.

While there are different termites, most will present the same identifiers when they are inside your home. You will notice bruised walls or small piles of wings. There could also be piles of what appears to be sawdust or feces around the windows or baseboards. However, you should be aware that a termite can go undetected for months, even years, before you notice.

How Termites Silently Destroy Homes

Because almost all types and kinds of termites are adept at hiding, you might overlook the extent of any damage they do. You might not even know what kind of damage they can do beyond eating away at the wood in your home. Here is a list of other things termites like to eat:

  • Furniture

  • Fabric

  • Cardboard

  • Insulation

  • Plants

  • Feces

As the termite colony grows within your walls, they will expand throughout your house. This means they will also expand on what they eat and break down. This allows the colony to grow and thrive for years. All the while costing you hundreds of thousands in damages and repairs.

The Importance Of Annual Termite Inspections 

If you suspect termites have breached your walls, you’ll want to get a proper inspection. This can have many long-term benefits aside from confirming an infestation. When you get annual inspections, you can keep up with your home and ensure that you are protected in the long run. When you get a yearly inspection it can determine the following:

  • If there has been a breach in your home.

  • Where the infestation is gaining entry.

  • Where the infestation originated from

  • The extent of the current damage done to your home.

  • How to prevent an infestation in the future.

DIYs on how to get rid of termites are hardly effective, as they rarely eliminate the pest problem in its entirety. Even leaving one alive can mean the return of the swarm. 

The Key To On-Going Termite Protection For Your Home

Therefore, the best way to get rid of termites is to call us at Bug Busters Of Texas. Our professional team knows how to get rid of termites in your home and keep them away. At Bug Busters Of Texas, we have over 20 years in this business. So you can trust us to bust the bugs out of your home!

We strive to provide you with a pest-free environment for any size job. Our team gets it right the first time we are called in for a job. So, depend on our fully certified termite team to eliminate pests in your home. Reach out to us at Bug Busters Of Texas for more information on how we can help you today.

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