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Termite Control In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Effective Termite Control To Protect Your Dallas-Fort Worth Property

With termite infestations in DFW on the rise, now is the best time to start implementing prevention techniques around your home. Bug Busters of Texas offers a complete range of termite control in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, working to protect your home from any damage that these creatures might inflict. We not only provide fast and effective results but do it for the most competitive price possible. 

How Bug Busters Of Texas Manages Termite Infestations

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In addition to our core services, which include regular home pest control and mosquito pest control, Bug Busters of Texas focuses on delivering outstanding termite solutions to every property in Dallas-Fort Worth. By combining traditional pest control methods with cutting-edge technology, we do our part to create a safe and healthy environment for all your loved ones. Let's take a closer look at the Bug Busters of Texas' termite control program.

  • All of our termite inspections are 100% free of charge and look for one of the most common offenders in the area, the dreaded subterranean termite. Our technicians will scour your home for any signs or symptoms, hunting in basements, crawl spaces, garages, and other rooms with soil-to-wood contact. As soon as we've found something, we'll let you know!
  • Termite treatments should never put you or your family in danger, which is why the professionals at Bug Busters of Texas rely on Traylona® for safety and efficiency. Similar to Sentricon®, our operatives will apply Traylona® to the nooks and crannies of your property, targeting active areas with liquid and foam treatments. Bait stations will also be drilled into the surrounding area, giving you even more control over your home and its protection.
  • Once Bug Busters of Texas has applied this termite treatment protocol, we will begin the process of monitoring pest activity. We cover all of our clients with our pest-free guarantee, promising to hold ourselves to a higher standard than any of our competitors.

Offering pre-construction treatments, WDI, and WDR, Bug Busters of Texas is proud to defend Dallas/Fort Worth from the stressors of constant termite activity. Learn more by getting in touch with an operative today.

All The Ways You Can Prevent Termites Before They Appear

One of the best ways to stop termites from infiltrating your home is to make the property much less appealing to scouting insects. Below are just a few easy prevention steps for your Dallas-Fort Worth property.

  • Keep The Soil Dry: Subterranean termites will do anything to find moist soil or wood around your property. Keeping these elements as dry as possible could be a significant step toward preventing an infestation. By making sure that there is no moisture near the foundation of your home, you could stave off countless hungry alates!
  • Eliminate Standing Water: Termites are notorious for using standing water as a way to transport themselves from place to place. For this reason, it's important to maintain proper drainage in the lawn and garden.
  • Mitigate Wood-To-Soil Contact: Damp soil could be moistening structural wood around your home, making it a prime target for termite infestations. By adding mortar or concrete around any wood-to-soil contact, you'll make your home much less appealing to termites.

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With more than a quarter-century of experience in termite control for DFW businesses and homes, Bug Busters of Texas are proud to defend hundreds of homes from wood-eating insects. Join our pest control roster and get same-day services by calling our Dallas-Fort Worth office today.

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